Spring is finally here (which is likely more exciting for us on the East Coast) and folks are beginning to hang out! Their laundry that is! A clothesline strung between 2 trees or posts, lots of clothespins and, of course, a bag to hold them in is a minimal cost compared to running a dryer. Energy costs are skyrocketing. So why not capture solar and wind drying power and hang your clean laundry outside? An added bonus is the fresh smell of your laundered items that are dried outside. One of our customer favorites is our clothespin bags - colorful, sturdy and waterproof. Our locally-made clothespin bags are crafted in heavy-duty, water-proof, PVC-coated, poly-canvas. The bag easily holds over 100 clothespins and has 2 weep holes for airflow and drainage. The front flap, which closes tightly, also tucks inside the bag to make a wide opening for easy-access to your clothespins. View our entertaining Clothespin Bag Video. Start saving money and hang out with our Premium Clothespin Bags.