The Free Shipping Fallacy: We debated long and hard about offering free shipping on our website. However, shipping is never really free. Merchants add an estimated amount to a product to cover the average cost of shipping the item. For BIG Etailers, that have negotiated next to nothing shipping rates with the carriers, this is really no big deal. But for companies such as ourselves, shipping costs become really out of kilter, especially since we offer products with such a wide range of weights and since we are located on the East Coast (as opposed to the middle) of the USA.  Customers tend to lose out, especially when purchasing multiple items. because the built-in amount added to each item is then multiplied by the number of items purchased. There is no advantage to combining items in a single package to save on shipping costs.

No To FREE Shipping: So we decided not to offer free shipping and have instead lowered our prices so that our customers can benefit from calculated shipping based on the method that they choose and the location where their order is being shipped. Now you can select how you want your order shipped. You will be able to select the method and review your cost during check-out before you shell out the bucks!

But Computers are Dumb: Computers do a good job calculating fair and accurate shipping most of the time. But sometimes, they get it wrong and the shipping is way out whack! If your shipping calculates to, what you think, is an unreasonable amount give us the chance to see if us humans can do any better! Simply email us or chat with us.