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Bolga Basket XL

The basket weavers from the Bolgatonga region of Ghana, create a mixture of patterns and colors by twisting and weaving elephant grass into these sturdy baskets. K E Y - F E A T U R E S * Extra Large (16-18in diameter x 9-11in deep) genuine African...
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Protector Mat for Glass Stove Top

This premium cook top protector mat is made from soft, super dense, needle-punched polyester felt (3mm thick) and can stay on your stove-top while using your oven. K E Y - F E A T U R E S * Soft, super dense, needle-punched polyester felt; 3mm (1/8in)...

Spice Jar Labels 145/Set w/ Custom Options

Top quality, water-resistant, polyester  spice jar labels in a variety of sizes, fonts and colors. K E Y - F E A T U R E S * Label Your Spice Jars Accurately and in the Style that Suits Your Decor* Polyester, Tear-Resistant, Water-Resistant, High...

Tortilla Warmer and Cozy

$10.97 - $11.97
100% pre-rinsed cotton fabrics Food Safe Wrap-n-Zap dye free cotton batting From microwave to table this warmer is practical and pretty Warmer can also be used as a hot pad on your table Dimensions: 10 or 12 inch diameter (you select) Being...