When I first purchased a Co2 laser way back when, one of our first projects was to engrave a beautiful tree of life design on a stair's newel post cap. The Tree of Life rights owner is one of the foremost artists of Celtic genre, Cari Busiak, and we are privileged to have her permission to use the design in our laser business.

This inspirational Tree of Life is one of our most popular items, having crafted it not only for individuals but also for organizations offering awards to their employees and clients. There are many Tree of Life designs available, but this entangled design, with the various root options, offers a unique and authentic representation. We are excited to announce we now offer the table-top version in a wide variety of UV-printed* faux wood designs. Laser-engraved to gain the entangled look, carefully cut into a beautiful tree and set on a matching base engraved with your custom text.

This 11-inch tree is the largest we can currently craft with the UV-printed material. However, we offer this entangled tree, in a variety of hardwoods, up to 32" in diameter. So you have a ton of choices.

Check out our video: Faux Wood Tree of Life

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*UV printing is a printing technique that uses UV curing ink to print on a wide variety of materials. This is an incredibly versatile printing process and is fast, efficient and effective. It is permanent, water-resistant, scratch resistant and is fade-resistant (forever if not constantly exposed to direct sunlight). The UV printing process is kinder to the environment. Because UV-cured inks are not solvent-based, there are no harmful substances to evaporate. Enjoy sharper, crisp and more vibrant results. Our patterns are professionally printed using images that give depth to the design, even though the printed image is flat.