I remember growing up in the 50's and 60's where every Wednesday night was my parents' bridge night. When it was our week to host, we would setup our fancy card tables and chairs, make the snacking goodies and setup the bar. Then of course me and my sisters would be sent to our rooms for the evening. The game has changed but not the fun of getting together with friends and family for a night of gaming - Mahjong!

We crafted our first set of Mahjongg pushers several years ago, when a customer requested a custom set. The pushers were a perfect project for our Co2 laser and rapidly became one of our best-selling products. In the years since we have expanded our selection of substrates used to craft the mahjong pushers, including jumbo glitter, exotic woods and most recently stylish patterns on UV-Printed acrylic,

We offer a ton of choices, not only with the material used to craft your pushers, but also a variety of engraved designs, hand-painted engravings and, of course, your desired size of your pushers. You customize your pushers to match your Mah Jongg style. Fancy, plain, designer, wood, traditional, American and anything in between.

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Premium Wood
Jumbo Glitter

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