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Shop at Clares is a family-owned venture in a small Pennsylvania town with a group a great folks who love their e-commerce business and their customers. We started Clares as a consignment clothing store almost 20 years ago. Janet had a building and Barbara had an idea. Resale clothing in our small college was a big hit! For most of 10 years we kept the store open, sometimes with difficulty, in spite of our mainstream jobs; Barb as a teacher and Janet as a CPA. Our thoughts were to supplement our retirement income (now a distant fantasy) with our retail business.

In 2005, when we both retired from the real world, we went global by selling to folks all over the world. We expanded into selling a huge array of items, from eco-friendly, to style accessories, to decor, to gardening, to home organization, to custom dirndls and sheepskin . . . We sell what we like and we like what we sell!

We have a great team of folks who work very hard towards finding unique and quality products, answering any of your questions, helping you with selections and getting your order on its way to you. We are not a big box company, but we are a big-hearted company and our team strives to provide our customers with the best service, products and support that we can possibly offer! Selling on-line has introduced us to a whole world full of interesting friends, suppliers, fellow merchants and incredible customers. Enjoy shopping.

Our Contact Info:
Shop At Clares, LLC
58 Noble Street
Kutztown PA 19530

Toll-Free: 800.963.8112
Intl/Local: 610.683.8112