The Story Behind Betty’s Best Board


This board is named in honor of our mother who passed away several years ago. In cleaning out her house, we found this dual purpose, reversible ironing board. It did not have any manufacturer markings on it and none of us could ever remember seeing the board. Since we sell ironing boards and covers, we could not resist having one of our local craftsman design one of these unique and functional ironing boards for us. You can use our board extended or folded flat. It is a perfect companion for your standard boards, for seamstresses and quilters or any place where space is at a premium such as apartments, RVs and dorms. Made in the USA, by local craftsmen, this hardwood board can be fitted with any of the fabrics we offer in our ClarUSA line of covers/6mm pads. Plus, we can custom laser engrave your personal message into the underside of the board. Name and date, Happy Ironing, Happy Mother's (or Father's Day), any thing up to 80 characters.