Breezecatcher HD4-270 Top-Spinner Large Capacity Clothesline

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Premium Breezecatcher HD4-270 is a top-spinner, height adjustable rotary outdoor clothesline. If you have the yard space, and want a  top-spinner, this is the dryer to get!

* 4-Arm rotary dryer w/ 230ft line capacity
* Top spinner for easy loading and faster drying
* Can easily hold 6 machine loads of laundry
* Telescopic adjustable height from 4 - 7 feet
* Longest outside line is 8ft (96in)
* All lines are the same height
* Dryer measures 11.4ft diagonally and is 8ft square
* Outside diameter of center post is 1 5/8 in
* Removable ground socket w/ cap is included
* 10-Year Mechanical Warranty

This model of the Breezecatcher outdoor clotheslines is the deluxe top spinner that is a "superior product", "a work of art", "an excellent design", "a thing of beauty", "superb workmanship", "the sturdiest umbrella clothes line I've ever owned", "better than off the shelf products", "incredible quality for the price." It makes the perfect use of your yard space to dry your clothes in the open and clean fresh air. The large capacity of hanging space allows for five to six loads of laundry to be hung saving you valuable time of having to wait for other loads to dry first. The longest outside line is 8ft in length and perfect for hanging your towels and sheets. The top frame will rotate easily in a light breeze no matter how unevenly the load is distributed, and the super strong, poly core cord, clothesline is wired using a special loop back technique which virtually eliminates line sag.

What makes this Breezecatcher, umbrella clothesline so special? To begin with, each one is hand made, not mass produced or machine assembled. It is constructed with the most durable materials, non ferrous to eliminate rust and with bright anodized aluminium which is easy to keep clean. But most important of all are its strong aluminium brackets and slides. Other brands use plastic or even pressed steel brackets which provide no lateral strength. The Breezecatcher overcomes this by using solid extruded aluminium center brackets and strong bracing arms which makes the dryer rigid, but still easy to open and close. The central support mast is stronger than any model available from your your home improvement stores. The sturdy center post will stand up to the nastiest of weather. Plus you can easily fold your dryer down, and/or remove it from its supplied ground socket to store it safely in your garage or shed when not in use.


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Additional Info

Manufacturer offers a generous 10 year warranty on all mechanical parts!
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