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Classic 4-Slat Cast Iron Airer

Add a 2nd Double Pulley
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Our Ceiling Mounted Pulley Clothing Airier Victorian 4-Slat holds up to 68lbs of laundry, is eco-friendly, convenient, money-saving, good-looking and easily stowed. Cast In Style is the leader in ceiling airers for over 35 years and they stand behind their dryers with a 5-year guarantee

• The original, the best cast iron ceiling dryer, direct from Great Britain
• Components are powder coated which is as tough as enamel
• Cast iron pulleys are specifically designed for strength and durability
• 4-Slat style: 15in across & 9.5in down from ceiling when fully hoisted
• This Victorian style bracket spaces your drying slats further apart
• Hardwood slats, from Eastern USA managed forests, are custom fit for brackets

A staple in Europe, ceiling-mounts have rapidly gained popularity in the USA. When hoisted up to the ceiling your laundry dries more quickly by using the warm rising air. Drying your clothes is a snap. Lower the dryer, drape your laundry over the slats and/or use hangers (you don't need clothes pins), hoist the dryer to the ceiling and you are done. Perfect for folks who cannot reach up high. Install this drying rack anywhere you have ceiling space! 

The Victorian brackets are unique to Cast in Style. This style bracket spaces your drying slats further apart, giving you more air circulation and allowing you to load thicker items. All of the Kitchen Maid airier components are top-notch. The cast-iron brackets, pulleys and cleats are hand-cast and then powder-coated. The contemporary brass and chrome components are just as strong and durable. The pulleys are designed for strength & durability (imitations often snap during installation). The pulleys have longer screw rods to clear ceiling insulation and detachable screw threads that will NOT break. The clothesline is organic cotton-lined, lifelong nylon rope so strong it is used in boating. Finally, our hardwood slats are from renewable forests in the Eastern USA.



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Additional Info

Additional Info

Installation requires you to determine your location, slat length, rope length and pulleys; Standard (30ft rope; 1 single/1 double pulley) or the Upgraded (49ft rope; 1 single/2 double pulleys). We also have other styles listed. Contact us for help.
Prepared for shipping in 3-10 working days
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